Academic Guidelines

Students must attend the morning assembly which begins 15 minutes ahead of the school hour.
Students must come to school in proper uniform. A child in improper uniform will not be allowed to sit in the class.
Absence from the school should be reported to the principal. For every absence, the student should briefly note down the reason in their diary and get it signed by their parents or guardians.
Speaking in any vernacular language is not allowed inside the school premises. Children must only speak in English.
The child must be provided with all essential stationary materials and equipments needed for his/her studies by the parents/guardians.
Presence of the child in all school events is compulsory.
Students are strictly forbidden to wear gold/silver or other ornaments and bring valuable items to school.
Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their personal belongings.
No magazines, comics, mobile phones other electronic devices are to be brought to school.
Every student must treat the school properly with care. Compensation has to be paid for any damage to the school property.
Captains, Vice-Captains and Monitors are to perform their duties and responsibilities with care. Any situation of disorder should be immediately brought to the notice of teachers, Vice-Principal or the Principal.
Complaints are to be reported to the Principal or Superintendent / Vice-Principal / Schools-in-charge personally.
No Student is allowed to leave the school during school hours without a prior written application from the parents/guardians stating the genuine reasons.
School will bear no medical charges if students get injured in the school except the first aid.
Monthly school fees is to be paid by the 10th of each month, if not, a monthly fine will be imposed.
There is no provision for reassessment or promotion on trail.
A student who has been suffering from any infectious disease must produce a special medical certificate that he/she can join the school and bears no further risk of infecting others.
Students are urged to wear P.T. Uniform every Wednesday for P.T.
School remains closed every second and fourth Saturday.
Student should observe polite manner wherever they go. They should always remember that they should greet their teacher and any visitors of the school, when they meet them. Bullying and use of foul language are punishable offence.
Those who go alone should not loiter on the way but be prompt in returning straight home. Students are warned not to buy anything from outside. The parents are advised to send substantial tiffin for the child.