At LAS we understand, appreciate and value our green environment. It is important that this precious gift is nurtured, preserved and reserved for the next generation. To ensure our students become green citizens, they are sensitized through several awareness programmes. We are continuously striving to make our school a GREEN school within a couple of year or two.

We also believe in discovering the strength of every student, therefore we honour them for performing in diverse fields. Students are given awards annually in the form of trophies, medals and certificates for excellence in academics, sports, and various other fields. A comprehensive program of talks, seminars and workshops on personal hygiene, growing - up, drugs and family relationships is held each year at appropriate levels in the school.

The school calendar is full of interesting activities which are planned keeping the academic and co-curricular set of courses in mind. We provide annual planner in the form of calendar to every students where dates for PTM, holidays, observances,events, tests and exam are scheduled for one whole session, so that the parents and students can plan things beforehand. Students participate whole heartedly in intra-class, inter class , inter school, and inter houses activity. Various activities like elocution, quiz, group-songs, debates, rangoli making, poem recitation, letter writing, poster making, slogan writings etc. are organized not only to tap the talents of the children but to widen the horizon in every field. Keeping in mind the importance of physical fitness, sports and games activities like volleyball, football, kickboxing, basketball, throw ball etc. are scheduled throughout the year. The school organizes events like, annual fete, contests, sports, cultural programs, volunteer programs and clubs for all interests.

One of the most treasured memories of school life are the picnics, educational trips and adventure camps attended with friends and teachers. To ensure that our students can add more to this treasure, every year the school organizes visits for all. Smiling faces, twinkling eyes and giggling laughter — are our memories from each such trip. And yes together we learn sharing and caring, team spirit and time management and come back enriched and empowered.

A society is a collection of all individuals. Just as many tiny drops become a great ocean, so the collective contribution of all individuals can make our society a place we will all want to belong to! Each individual must come forward to contribute either physically or monetarily towards society. LAS encourages its students to play a constructive role in the community by being actively involved in initiatives like Local Cleanliness, Environment Awareness Campaigns, blood donation camp, Free medical camp etc.

The morning assembly on every important day or festival is informative as well as enjoyable. Special assemblies are organized on the occasion of all major festivals of India such as Independence Day Celebrations, Rabindra Jyanty celebrations, Teacher's Day Celebrations Dussehra and Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations ,Children's Day Celebrations ,Deepawali Celebrations ,Birsa Munda Jyanty , Christmas Celebrations ,Special days of national and international importance like International Yoga Day, Senior Citizen day, etc. LAS is a school dedicated to providing the best learning opportunities for each and every student. School managing committee, Parent's Association and Staffs committee are committed to providing the environment and resources that will empower all of our students with the skills and social competencies that will enable them to flourish as they grow up in this new century. We are committed to continuing the school's tradition of providing excellence for all. We offer a curriculum that is both innovative and comprehensive. We hold the expectation that all our students will achieve high levels of Literacy and discipline upon completion of their educational journey with us. LAS is a registered society under the West Bengal Society Act 1961. It is affiliated with CBSE Board and follows CBSE Curriculums.